The Races – part 2


Continuing on from a previous post about the races, I think I have a fascination with fascinators!

I think they can really up an outfit, turning a plain dress into a sophisticated and classy outfit!

I think they look great with hair up!


Or dark?



Hair, again!


Kinda miss my lighter, highlighted hair!

Can never make up my mind about hair colour. Grrrrrrr!

No makeup!

Who’d of thought it? No makeup I hear you say?

I spent my Sunday lazing around with no makeup; liberating!

Here’s to one day in every blue moon where you can chill with a fresh, natural face!


Nars makeover


For my Birthday night out I went and had a Nars makeover!

Quite a lot heavier than what I usually go for, but for the evening it was a great look. I had lots of compliments and my skin was really glowing!

The foundation is the ‘Fiji Sheer Glow’ with a corally blusher.

The lady used several different eyeshadows to create the smoky-eye look (not something I often get right myself!)

Overall, I really liked it. Perhaps the next foundation that I go for?

Anyone had any experiences over a longer period with the Nars foundations?

Cosmetic Cheshire xo

Straight teeth – purely cosmetic


Okay .. so it’s not the, let’s put it, the most flattering photo ever. But, I don’t care this time 😉

I had Invisalign Braces for 3 years! My teeth weren’t that bad before – mild crowding on the bottom. It was purely cosmetic having them done.

The last 2 months I had a fixed brace just to get them perfect!

2 blue dots to help align my ‘chomp’.

But celebrating perfectly straight teeth after several years!

So here’s a BIG CHEERS to cosmetic dentistry! 😀

Anyone else had braces for cosmetic purpose? Do you agree with paying a lot of money to increase self confidence?

Cosmetic Cheshire xo

Hair Modelling.


A few weeks back I was a model for my local Toni & Guy salon – it was for a national hair competition!

The picture above is one of the final photos taken from the shoot.

After hours of having my hair blow dried, cut, brushed coloured … I was very pleased!

It’s amazing what a good cut and colour can do to you! Do you guys agree?

Cosmetic Cheshire xo

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