GUCCI ring


How gorgeous is this GUCCI ring?

I went to NY for my Birthday last year and tried on this hugeeeee-mun-ga-mighty ring on!


So, any nice men out there wanna put a ring on a single ladies finger – you know where to find me!


The Races – part 2


Continuing on from a previous post about the races, I think I have a fascination with fascinators!

I think they can really up an outfit, turning a plain dress into a sophisticated and classy outfit!

I think they look great with hair up!

Hair, again!


Kinda miss my lighter, highlighted hair!

Can never make up my mind about hair colour. Grrrrrrr!


So, today I attempted the gym .. at 6.30am. What a killer!


No makeup!

Who’d of thought it? No makeup I hear you say?

I spent my Sunday lazing around with no makeup; liberating!

Here’s to one day in every blue moon where you can chill with a fresh, natural face!


Nars makeover


For my Birthday night out I went and had a Nars makeover!

Quite a lot heavier than what I usually go for, but for the evening it was a great look. I had lots of compliments and my skin was really glowing!

The foundation is the ‘Fiji Sheer Glow’ with a corally blusher.

The lady used several different eyeshadows to create the smoky-eye look (not something I often get right myself!)

Overall, I really liked it. Perhaps the next foundation that I go for?

Anyone had any experiences over a longer period with the Nars foundations?

Cosmetic Cheshire xo

Straight teeth – purely cosmetic


Okay .. so it’s not the, let’s put it, the most flattering photo ever. But, I don’t care this time 😉

I had Invisalign Braces for 3 years! My teeth weren’t that bad before – mild crowding on the bottom. It was purely cosmetic having them done.

The last 2 months I had a fixed brace just to get them perfect!

2 blue dots to help align my ‘chomp’.

But celebrating perfectly straight teeth after several years!

So here’s a BIG CHEERS to cosmetic dentistry! 😀

Anyone else had braces for cosmetic purpose? Do you agree with paying a lot of money to increase self confidence?

Cosmetic Cheshire xo

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